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Ace Auto Salvage

2393 S 43rd St Milwaukee, WI 53219


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Automobile Salvage

Ace Auto Salvage is dedicated to fast automotive total-loss solutions at our automobile salvage yard. We serve you efficiently with the highest level of care for each and every claim.

Very few of our competitors can offer superior, top-dollar industry returns with the utmost honesty, taking you through the salvage process. At Ace Auto Salvage, our mission is governed by the way we conduct our business - with care and quality.

Our Services

  • Auto Salvage
  • Car Junking
  • Cash for Cars
  • Auto Parts for Sale
  • Local Auto Part Search Lot

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  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Quality Service
  • Certified Junkers
  • 44 Years of Experience
  • Competitive Pricing

Beginning in 1974, Ace Auto Salvage is the salvage company of choice for anyone who values and expects excellence. We know each piece of salvage has its own special identity; that is why we give comprehensive, tailor-made pricing based on customer needs and product variety.

We believe in full service, vehicle salvage retrieval from loss to settlement, one claim at a time. Our services and solutions are effective and efficient. We are ready to serve you today!

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